Will implement projects for energy conservation: Eastern Railway GM

Referring to the two main concerns — cleanliness and security — he said that passenger engagement would be required in both cases.

Eastern Railway GM Ghanshyam Singh at the Press Club in Kolkata on Friday

The Eastern Railway (ER) is planning to implement several initiatives in order to conserve energy and increase convenience of travel for passengers, said Ghanshyam Singh, the newly-appointed general manager of ER.

“In at least 150-plus stations, we will replace all tubelights and CFL lights with LED lights for better illumination and less energy consumption. Solar panels will be installed as part of the green initiative, so that maximum power can be generated through solar energy,” Ghanshyam Singh said at a press conference on Friday. He also said that for the convenience of senior passengers, lifts and escalators would be installed at different stations.

“Drinking water facilities and seating facilities at stations are to be ensured,” he said, pointing out that over the years, train services had increased, putting pressure on the existing infrastructure.

“About 226 km of new lines, gauge connector and doubling will be done by the end of this financial year. Ongoing projects are to be completed within time and the allotted budget,” he said.

Referring to the two main concerns — cleanliness and security — he said that passenger engagement would be required in both cases.

“We urge passengers not to throw refuse or leftover food. There are designated bins for this purpose. There are security helplines which passengers are requested to use when help is needed. The RPF, GRP and our intelligence network are there to contain and control any situation. Officials of the Quick Response Team (QRT) are also on the alert,” Singh said.

Talking about the new mobile app, he said, “Against the 33 lakh tickets which are purchased everyday, 7,000 tickets are purchased via mobile on an average, which is very less,” he said. However, he skirted around the issue of platform encroachment, saying that he would deal with the problem in a planned way, but was not concentrating on it at the moment.

Source :- http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/will-implement-projects-for-energy-conservation-eastern-railway-gm/


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