Texas distiller uses Solar Energy to produce spirits

A Texas manufacturer of premium spirits will be making the most of one of the state’s most plentiful resources: the sun.

Witherspoon Distillery recently installed a solar energy system to power production at its facilities in Lewisville, Texas.

Austin-based Circular Energy, a national provider of clean energy solutions, designed and installed a 70.4 kW photovoltaic solar energy system this month.

Founder and master distiller Quentin Witherspoon aimed to create a sustainable business while making quality products. They system draws power from its solar capabilities first, and then will draw additional power from a traditional grid if needed.

“Our team was inspired to find a way to distill high-quality spirits in a more environmentally friendly way. We decided to utilize one of our biggest, most reliable resources – the Texas sun – along with the best local ingredients to create a truly remarkable product,” Witherspoon said.

Circular Energy Communication Manager Michael Chance said more companies are adopting solar energy systems.

“In the past 3-5 years, it seems like there’s a growing trend for companies to be more sustainable,” Chance said. “They are making a statement about their business.”

Witherspoon Distillery’s solar panel installation will allow them to produce 2.4 million kWh of clean, renewable solar energy over the next 25 years, more than $381,000 in energy savings.

The system converts sunlight from DC to AC current using a converter and will become the primary power source for the facility. It features 220 modules made by American manufacturer SolarWorld and four Solectria inverters.

They system was financed through a Solar Capital Lease, which works similar to a loan and will allow Witherspoon Distillery to spread out the cost of the system over the next six years. The financing allows a system off-taker to take advantage of all the state and deferral tax incentives available for solar energy. Witherspoon will own the system and be able to produce its own clean energy after the 6-year term.

“We are thrilled to be involved with Witherspoon Distillery right here in Texas, and it is exciting to see the amount of success the new distillery has already seen in its short time being open,” Circular Energy’s Marketing Director Walter Rumpf said.

Source :-https://bakken.com


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