“Performance Series” Energy Efficient and Reliable Solar Panels by SunPower USA

SunPower debuts its new line of solar panels along with its low-key 2016 financial guide. The company’s ‘Performance Series’ will be increasing reliability and efficiency for solar energy as compared with other solar panels in the market.

Following a respectable third quarter report on its financial earnings, United States solar panel manufacturer SunPower unveils a new line of merchandise along with its toned-down 2016 financial guidance. Company reports reveal its efforts on focusing to new business, and retaining its assets rather than letting them go.

To be precise, the company is preparing to drop some of their company assets to its 8point3 Energy Partners. This is a progress-oriented venture between First Solar and SunPower that affected the company’s overall net intake and revenues.

The company’s executives have predicted that 2015 would finish with a Generally Accepted Accounting Principals revenue around $1.5 billion and $1.55 billion with a 15 percent and 16 percent gross margin. The company is expecting a similar goal next year as well as a $415 million net loss due to 8point3.

During the Fiscal Year 2016 Guidance press release, the company reveals that its financial guidance reflects the impact of project sales planned for 8point3 Energy Partners. However, the company also unveils its new line of solar panels under the name Performance Series that the company intends to market. The new panels will use a manufacturing process to assemble silicon solar cells into panels with increased reliability and efficiency as compared to other conventional solar panels. Performance Series merchandises will continue SunPower’s tradition of superiority with its enhanced aesthetics in low-price configuration packages.

President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Werner of SunPower stated that the company is expanding its line of products to offer its customers a lot of options and increase the company’s reach to more market prospects to further enhance the company’s growth. The new SunPower Performance Series combined with Cogenra’s innovative interconnected cell technology gives it 15 percent more power with improved dependability and shade leniency.


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