Measures would make buildings more energy efficient, reward personal solar use


GRESHAM, OREGON – Alan Johnston, senior engineer at Gresham wastewater treatment plant looks at the solar panels that help power the plant. On sunny days, excess power is sold back to PGE. Plant generates over 60% of the power needed to operate the plant. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian. (Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian)

SALEM — A group backing ballot measures to eliminate coal-fire power in Oregon filed two new measures Monday aimed at increasing solar energy use and making new buildings more energy-efficient.

In addition to phasing out coal by 2030, one of the new ballot measures would allow people to shave costs off their energy bills by using personal solar panels. Fifteen percent of the program credits would be reserved for low-income Oregonians.

The second ballot measure would require new buildings in Oregon to be 65 percent more energy-efficient by 2032. Backers say it would bring Oregon’s building codes in line with California’s and Washington’s.

The new ballot measures are the latest push from Renew Oregon, an environmental group formed this year that’s leading the push against ballot measures to dismantle Oregon’s clean-fuels program.

The group is also pursuing ballot measure to add controls on executive pay for power companies, garnishing wages from executives who don’t comply.

— Ian K. Kullgren 

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