Portugal’s EDP, Spain’s Gestamp awarded wind farms in Brazil

Portugal’s EDP and Spain’s Gestamp Wind were among a group of companies awarded contracts to build and operate wind farms in Brazil in the latest auction administered by the Electrical Energy Commercialization Chamber, or CCEE.

That electrical power market clearinghouse, which is overseen by Brazilian electricity sector regulator Aneel, said it awarded 53 wind and solar projects Friday that will have a combined generating capacity of 1,477.5 MW.

The winning bidders will sell energy for 20 years, according to the contract terms, which specify that the projects must begin operating by Nov. 1, 2018.

Six different companies or groups were awarded contracts for 20 wind farms with a combined capacity of 929.3 MW, while 15 companies won contracts for 33 solar plants with a combined capacity of 548.2 MW.

The companies awarded the wind projects included EDP Renovaveis, a local unit of Portuguese group EDP that obtained contracts to build and operate wind farms in the northeastern state of Bahia; and Rio Energy, a group controlled by U.S. energy and resources private equity firm Denham Capital Management that secured licenses for eight wind farms in that same state.

The list of winners also included Gestamp Eolica, a Brazil-based subsidiary of Spain’s Gestamp Wind that acquired a license to build the 20 MW Pedra do Reino IV wind farm in Bahia.

Among the countries awarded contracts for solar power plants were U.S.-based renewable energy company SunEdison, which won the rights to build and operate four solar parks in Bahia.

The winning bidders will need to invest nearly 6.8 billion reais (some $1.8 billion) to build the wind and solar generating facilities. EFE

Source :- http://latino.foxnews.com/


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