The Future OF Electric Vehicle – Chevrolet Bolt


 Chevrolet confirmed production of its next-generation pure electric vehicle, based on the Bolt EV concept. It will be built at the GM Orion Assembly facility in Michigan.

The Bolt EV concept was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Alan Batey, president, General Motors North America, made the following announcement shortly before the Chicago Auto Show:

“The message from consumers about the Bolt EV concept was clear and unequivocal: build it.” said Batey. “We are moving quickly because of its potential to completely shake up the status quo for electric vehicles as the first affordable long-range EV in the market.”

chevrolet bolt electric vehicle


The future of the long-range, all-electric vehicle, the Bolt EV concept car takes Chevrolet design in bold new directions. With an estimated range of over 200 miles, the concept car represents the Chevrolet vision for an affordable, global EV solution.



Every aspect of the innovative and uncompromising design, from the body’s unique silhouette to the lightweight materials used both inside and out, is designed to push the envelope both technologically and aesthetically.

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The wheel. Reinvented.


Bolt EV is equipped with lightweight aluminum wheels featuring clear inserts between the spokes, giving the wheels a unique look while maximizing efficiency by reducing drag

Form, meet function.


An advanced lithium-ion battery provides over 200 miles of all-electric range, and with DC fast-charging capability, an 80 percent charge can be achieved in less than 45 minutes.

A Bright Future.


Glass all around the vehicle, as well as a full-length glass roof and wraparound rear window, allows natural light to flood into the cabin, giving the Bolt EV concept car an open and airy ambience.


For the Bolt EV cabin, Chevrolet reinterpreted their signature dual-cockpit layout, seamlessly incorporating easy-to-use technology with minimal design to create an easier, more enjoyable driving experience.


The interior of the Bolt EV concept car is intended to feel like a sanctuary. The generous headroom and legroom wonderfully combines with a contemporary, light color scheme to give the concept car a warm and roomy feel.

 Lighter than air.

The minimal center console appears to float between lightweight, slim-architecture seats mounted on aluminum pedestals.

 Information at your fingertips.

A central touch screen gives the driver access to an array of electronic readouts with only a tap or two on the large, 10-inch diagonal screen.

A Smarter Car.

The Bolt Connect app would provide drivers with an unprecedented level of vehicle control. Incorporating automatic park-and-retrieval technology, owners will be able to exit the vehicle and tell Bolt EV to park itself while they run errands, then summon it to their location when they’re done.

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The Car of Tomorrow from Chevrolet.


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