100% Renewable Energy by 2050? Why wait?

A new Greenpeace report shows how the world can move to 100% renewable energy by 2050. The bad news? It needs political will. The good news? It’s already happening!

Solar Thermal

Climate change deniers and investors take note. Renewable energy is here and it’s growing. From large corporations to village Eisenstein’s, the growing interest, investments, and inventions into clean energy is this century’s “goldrush”.

Don’t believe the hype? Here are 7 signs that give us hope the Energy [R]evolution is already on its way!

1. 2014 was the biggest year for solar in the US – an increase of 30% from the previous year.

Solar Panels

The Alamosa Solar Generating Plant in Colorado

2. Renewable energy in the UK took over coal for the first time during this last quarter.

Construction of Wind Turbines

Construction of new wind turbines in the United Kingdom

3. And in his recent US visit, President Xi Jinping made a landmark commitment to put a price on carbon.

Solar Panels

Dafeng Power Station in China

According to the report, if we continue in an upwards trend we could reach 42% renewables by 2030, 72% by 2040, and 100% in 2050. What’s more, the renewable energy sector will produce more jobs and because of all the fuel cost savings it can all be done at no extra expense.

But why wait till 2050 or for political will to kick in? The energy revolution is already happening!

4. Greenpeace India’s Dharnai village project has provided electricity to more than 2,400 people!

This includes 450 households and 50 commercial establishments, including two schools, a training centre and a primary healthcare centre.

green peace dharani village

Children in Dharnai Village in India

5. Renewable energy farms are appearing on land and water.

6. South Africa’s biggest solar plant is powering 80,000 homes and helping to beat blackouts.

Solar Installation South Africa

Installation of solar panels in South Africa

7. And activists are giving the finger to coal plants in Romania.

Solar Panel Installation School

Installation of solar panels on school rooftop in Romania

It’s clear that this is a type of power that’s proving to be unstoppable.  If you’re smart about it, you’ll already be jumping on that bandwagon.


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