Choosing the Right Solar Panels For Your Home !!!!

Solar Panels are one of the most innovative technologies ever invented by Mankind. Solar Panels are Utilized for Water heaters and to produce electricity. There are so many manufacturers all over the World who manufacture Solar Panels in varied scales. Some of them are highly efficient and some are not. How do we choose the right Solar Panel ? I do no have enough knowledge about it ? Whom do i consult ? Because most of the companies are looking for higher number of sales of their Solar Panels. So, how do we choose the right Solar Panels ?

Q1. How much power (wattage) do you need?

The wattage of the solar panel you need is perhaps the most important thing to get right.

Why?  Well, if you underestimate the amount of power you need you could be very disappointed with the results.  (Like expecting a tiny car to pull a huge caravan).

Overestimate and you might end up spending more than you need to.  (It might be fun but most people don’t buy an expensive Ferrari for a quick trip to the shops).

There are three main stages to a solar powered system.

  1. Power generation (the solar panel)
  2. Power storage (the battery)
  3. Power use (your items you want to run off solar power)

To work out the wattage correctly, the panel needs to be sized according to how much power you are going to use. (Later on you’re going to need a bit of info on each electrical item you need to be solar powered).

The battery, no matter how large or small, is a storage container for solar power gathered in daylight for use immediately or for later on.  Highly important.  For example without a battery, a solar powered torch would be rather pointless in the dark!

Q2. Does the panel need to fit a particular space?

One of the reasons we like to supply a range of different manufacturers panels is to provide lots of different sizes. (By that we mean width, length, thickness AND power rating).

You can also add panels together to get the overall size you need. So if a 120W panel is too large in area, but you have room for two 60W panels side by side, then this would work t

Q3. What is your budget?

Put simply, the more powerful the panel, the more it will cost.

Rigid panels cost less per watt than flexible and folding panels.

There are also differences between equivalent panels that may reflect on items such as:

  • the quality of the junction box and frame
  • the packaging and instructions
  • cables and other accessories that might be included

Q4. How do you size a system?

In sizing a system, the aim is to balance the power going into the solar panel with the power going out of the battery over a period of days or weeks (depending on how it is being used).

A 10W panel will give 10W (0.6A @ 16.5V) for each hour under standard test conditions (1000W/m sq and 25oC).


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